Technology at Current Surveillance Inc.

With the recent government interest in reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas, and petrochemical industries, Optical Gas Imaging technology is now being recommended as the most effective technology choice for detecting fugitive emissions. Visual Inspections using High Definition Optical Zoom camera’s can help identify critical deficiencies of elevated structures such as Flare Stacks, Towers, and Smoke Stacks without shutting down operations, reducing remediation downtime during scheduled repairs.

Drone looking for oil and gas leak emissions

DJI Matrice 600/ DJI Ronin MX Gimbal /Flir Optical Gas Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging cameras visualize and locate gas leaks anywhere, anytime – even the most remote areas or zones that are difficult to access. Designed to take advantage of the FLIR G300a camera's abilities, connecting wirelessly for power, high-definition video, and data connectivity. Current Surveillance’s OGI UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) is equipped with a powerful onboard computer, unique and highly sensitive camera control. The design has hydrodynamic vibration damping capability, no propellers in frame, is extremely wind resistant, and stable even in high winds. Onboard HD reference camera for visual show, double video transmitters, and onboard SD card recorders complete the high level of imaging capacity.


CSI now offers Methane Detection on pipelines and facilities measured in either ppm, percentage or percentage of LEL with video and GPS referencing. This is a very efficient way to inspect dangerous, difficult to access or congested areas. Utilizing Laser Spectroscopy , CSI can now detect methane from the air while recording video of the areas being inspected.