Frequently Asked Questions

1. How heavy is the unmanned aviation vehicle?

The weight depends on what equipment the UAV is carrying. With the G300a camera installed for IR thermography and Gas Detection approx.: 15kg. ( 33 lbs).

2. What kind of redundancies are built in to prevent a failure in flight?

There are several redundancies on the aircraft right from the manufacturer, these include the ability to maintain flight if a motor should fail, return home and landing features in case of lost communication, emergency shut down, changing navigational modes for remote operation, all flight components are monitored continuously and pilot is notified by onscreen display.

3. Is the unit intrinsically safe?

Simple answer is no, however the UAS uses brushless electric motors and has no contact switches which would create any sparks or energy discharge. As Inspections can be performed from a safe distance the aircraft is not required to fly in an potentially dangerous environment. The aircraft doesn’t operate in an explosive atmospheric environment. If there is an area of concern where the aircraft is taking off, the pilot carries a gas monitor and knows it is safe to do so. The UAS does not fly directly over hydrocarbon gas leaks or venting (leaks are better detected from an angle and up to 30 meters away). There is a windsock on the Ground Station antenna mast for noting wind direction. The UAS is continuously monitoring for hydrocarbon venting and leaks, and therefore the operator knows where gas is and has several alternate routes of evacuation that personnel placed in the same situation wouldn’t enjoy (fly away in any direction including up).

4. How long can you fly?

Depending on the equipment being carried the UAV it is capable of flying up to 40 minutes. With the gas finder camera generally around the 20 minute time frame. CSI has several sets of batteries to ensure a full day of flight if required.

5. Can you quantify the amount of gas leaking?

Using the Optical Gas Imaging camera we are able to locate leaks and venting and identify them as small, medium or large. The Methane Detector can identify methane quantity in ppm.m, percentage volume.m, percent LEL.m

6. What is the cost?

The costs vary vastly dependent upon the services requested, and scope of the project. CSI will be happy to give you a quotation based upon your requirements.

7. What other services does CSI offer?

We can provide 3D photogrammetry (used for simple overview or locating features).

  • We have the ability to do 3D orthomosaics of facilities (for simple overview and locating features)
  • Time lapse of construction projects (possibly avoiding repetitious actions such as relocating stock piles, storage optimization, etc.)
  • Pipeline surveilling and methane gas leak detection
  • Aerial photography of facilities
  • Volumetric calculations of stock piles
  • Inspections of pipeline critical crossings (rivers, steep embankments, sensitive surfaces, crops, etc.)
  • Inspections on containment ponds, storage tanks, etc.
  • Visual and Thermal inspections of Flare and Smoke stacks, elevated inspections with the 30 times Optical Zoom Z-30 camera (find deficiencies without shutting down operations)
  • Finding "hot or cold spots" (possible leaks of liquids, malfunctioning equipment, possible hidden fires, etc.)
  • Aerial Methane Gas Detection(landfills, dumping stations, facilities, etc.)

We are constantly upgrading our equipment and personnel, so contact us with any of your needs.

Whether you require a facility or site ground inspection, an elevated difficult or dangerous area to access and need a Visual Inspection, Infrared or Gas leak scan on that area call CSI to do it in safe, proficient manner. See how we can save you the stress of placing people at risk, while saving you money and time, keeping you in compliance with AER directives and CAPP recommendations. Records and Data storage will be discussed on a "as needed" basis (CSI stores all flight and recorded data).

Reducing your losses, improving your environmental stewardship and enhancing the safety of your personnel and assets is what CSI is all about. Give us a call and schedule our team today. Don Iwaschuk @ 780-712-0155,